Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cricut & Fabric Fun!

I recently decided to cut fabric with my Cricut. I was a little hesitant at first - I didn't want to mess anything up. I wish I didn't wait so long - this is FUN!

This is what I learned:

Supplies Needed:

  • Fabric (pressed, with no wrinkles or creases)
  • Therm O Web Heat-n-Bond Ultra Hold (in red package). This is sold by the yard as well as in packages.
  • Iron
  • NEW Cricut Blade (keep it for fabric only)

Note: All directions come on the Therm o Web package. Pre wash all fabrics (do NOT use fabric softeners), unless you won’t be washing item being cut.
  1. Pre-heat dry iron to silk setting ( DO NOT use steam). Place heat-n-bond paper (smooth) side up on wrong side of material.
  2. Place and hold heated iron on paper side for 2 seconds. Repeat, by gliding iron slightly overlapping prior area until entire surface has been bonded. Allow material to cool
  3. Cut edges to size you want (12x12 or whatever). Peel off paper backing and place on Cricut mat.
  4. Set Cricut Machine to:
    1. Blade - 5
    2. Pressure – Max
    3. Speed – 1
Once image has been cut, place it on where you will be applying it, then iron (right side up) for 8-10 seconds. Repeat by gliding iron slightly overlapping prior area until entire surface has been bonded.

I used the princess crown from one of the Princess cartridges and I used the Superman emblem from the Superman cartridge. I forgot what font the letter "B" came from - but anything will do

Don’t Sew – due to the thickness of the adhesive, machine stitching is not recommended. *

* I didn't listen to this last part - and sewed the crown and letter "B" on my daughters cape, and it gave me a bunch of grief - I should have listened! So make sure you press it well and it will be fine. I didn't sew for my son's superman style and it was fine. 

I followed this blog for the cape itself tutorial:
Have fun and if you want to join our Cricut Club please call the store at 603-964-8596 for details. 

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