Thursday, April 19, 2012

Layout Highlight

It's time to share another page layout and I'm in love with this creation from Nicole Wise! Nicole is a talented designer and I confess that I love giving her more complicated pages to work with. Shhh...don't tell her! :-) You know those pages you see and love at a store but can't imagine how you'd use in to create a page? This is one of those papers. I adore this shell design, which is full of texture and glitter but with the wide border at the bottom I couldn't figure out the best way to use the paper to create a page. Nicole did an amazing job of showcasing just one photo, of her sweet puppy, sitting on the beach. She used glitter letters for the word "baby," which was a perfect way to mimic the glitter at the bottom of the page. And she kept things simple...just a short journaling paragraph and a big 'ol bow. What a great page and you can stop in and see this beauty in person at the store! While you're here...take a few photos for inspiration and grab some paper for your own page!

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