Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Creating Clouds Tutorial

Hi there fellow stampers and scrapbookers! Sorry it's been so quiet on the 'ol blog lately. Life has been busy, busy, busy with vacations, school, and getting the store ready for new products!! We have also been busy with classes and last week I demonstrated this card, which showcases a darling image from Sweet 'n Sassy (you can pre-order this set from the store) and a fun technique on how to make your own cloud background. I thought I'd share this quick and easy technique with you...

To begin you'll need a light blue dye ink (I'm using Tumbled Glass Distress Ink), a sponge, white cardstock (our Prism smooth is the perfect weight), and a cloud template. I'm sure that you can purchase cloud templates but I just hand cut mine from a piece of thin cardboard.Next, place your template at the bottom of your cardstock and use your sponge to pick up ink. Use downward strokes to apply the ink to the top of your template. Ink across the entire piece of cardstock/template.
This is the first finished row. Cool, huh?
Reapply your template but this time move it up slightly to almost cover your first row of clouds. Overlapping the cloud rows a bit is just fine! You'll also want to vary the cloud sizes so move the template to the right or left so that the clouds look random. Reapply ink to create the second row of clouds.
Here's my finished second row of clouds...

Continue this process until you've covered your entire piece of cardstock...like this...
Isn't that the best!! Someone in class asked, "couldn't you just buy cloud paper?" Sure you can, but it would be this much fun to make a card! :-)

Why not try this technique out today...and drop us a note or comment with a link back to your creation. We'd love to share!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Le Romantique Album Instructions

Were you one of the ones who picked up a darling Le Romantique kit created by our very own Gillian? If you were, fantastic!! The photos of the entire album, along with the instructions are listed below. If you weren't, no worries! We still have plenty of this beautiful Graphic 45 paper in the store along with the blank mini albums. All you need to do is pick up some supplies, check out our instructions, and start creating!!
Cut all pages to 3 ¼” by 4 1/16”.

Cut cover and back pages to 3 3/8” by 4”. For front cover, cut a strip of cream cardstock and rip edges. Thread ribbon through die cut and adhere to back. Tie bow at the top of the die cut. Use foam tape or pop up glue dots for a 3D effect on the butterfly die cut.
Pink Page 1 (Page 1, top left side)
Adhere more of the ripped cream cardstock and add man and woman die-cut.

Black Page 1 (Page 2, top right side)
Add a strip of cream cardstock to the bottom edge of the page. Only add adhesive to the bottom and the sides of this cardstock so that a pocket will be formed. Add celebration of love die cut with adhesive only on the bottom.

Butterfly Page 1 (Page 3, bottom left side)
Cut a 2 ¼” by 3 ¼” rectangle out of green cardstock. Add small gentlemen die cut.

Cream/Black Page 1 (Page 4, bottom right side)
Cut a strip of green cardstock and add ripped cream cardstock to on side. Only adhere the left side and the top and bottom to form a pocket. Add round girl die cut.
Pink Page 2 (Page 5, top left side)
Add strip of cream cardstock to the right side with adhesive on the bottom and right side. Add stamp die cut and 3 rose die cuts with foam tape.

Black Page 2 (Page 6, top right side)
Cut 2 butterflies off of the 6 butterfly die cut. Add green cardstock behind the four butterflies. Cut out the other two butterflies and use foam tape to make them 3 dimensional and add them to the bottom of the page.

Butterfly Page 2 (Page 7, bottom left side)
Cut thin strip of green cardstock and rip the edges. Add 3 small round butterfly die cuts.

Cream/Black Page 2 (Page 8, bottom right side)
Add cream cardstock to the bottom of the page to form a pocket. Add large gentleman tag with foam tape for 3D effect. Tuck hat and tie die cut in the pocket.
Pink Page 3 (Page 9, top left side)
Cut another photo mat 2 ¼” by 3 ¼” attach cream cardstock to the underside of the Le Romantique die cut. Have it hanging off the edge so that it may be folded. Fold the cardstock at the edge of the tag and attach it under the photo mat. The tag should now open to the right. Cut a small piece of ribbon and staple it to the edge of the tag.

Black Page 3 (Page 10, top right side)
Cut another photo mat and attach it to the page. Staple a piece of ribbon to the bride die cut and use foam tape to attach.

Butterfly Page 3 (Page 11, bottom right side)
Attach ribbon to a piece of ripped cream cardstock and attach to the back. Add pink butterfly die cut with foam tape.

Cream/Black Page 3 (Page 12, bottom left side)
Add green cardstock to the bottom of the page. Trim off the top of the woman sitting die cut and attach it with foam tape. Attach 2 Bride die cuts with foam tape as well.
Pink Page 4 (Page 13, top left side)
Add cream cardstock to make a pocket at the bottom of the page. Add stamp die cut with foam tape.

Black Page 4 (Page 14, top right side)
Cut photo mat out of cream cardstock. Add cream cardstock to the inside of the pink bride die cut. It needs to hang off the edge so that it can open downwards. Attach the cream hinge under the photo mat. Add a stamp die cut to the top of the pink die cut.

Butterfly Page 4 (Page 15, bottom middle)
Cut photo mat out of cream cardstock. Add to page on an angle. Feed ribbon through green woman die cut and attach underneath.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Memories & Friends Book Instructions

Have you been into Wholly Scrap! lately and seen all of the amazing album kits that Donna-Marie has been creating? I'm so excited about these kits!! Not only are the designs unique, stunning, and one-of-a-kind but Donna-Marie has done most of the work for you...all you need to do is add the embellishments and photos! Love it!!

Donna-Marie has also graciously posted full photos and instructions on her blog. To find the instructions for the Friends album, pictured above, please click here.

For full instructions and photos on this gorgeous Memories album, click here.

Enjoy these kits and remember, supplies are very limited so get in and get them before they're gone!!